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Roundup Jun-08-2024

“They Can’t Afford To Lose Their Grip On The Levers Of Power…”
Time To Jettison The Animals “The old left had intellectual commitments that were false in interesting and theoretically stimulating ways. The new left demands adherence to lurid absurdities so preposterous that merely entertaining them induces nauseating neurological disorders.” The most astounding part of America’s “Joe Biden” three-plus-years thrill ride is that the Party of Chaos and Hoaxes was able to pretend until just a few days ago that this political phantasm could run for re-election.

Individual Claiming To Be Juror’s Cousin Posted About Trump Conviction On Social Page Before Verdict, Judge Says “My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted,” the commenter said, adding a celebration emoji. “Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!! <3”

US concerns mounting over Hezbollah-Israel escalation amid Gaza ceasefire talks
“If things carry on as they have been, then sooner or later, the Israelis will do something about it,” one diplomat told Al Arabiya English. Al Arabiya English has reached out to the National Security Council and the State Department for comment.

Public Celebration Of Sin: The Episcopal ‘Church’ Shows Pride In Their Apostasy
“Who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.” (Romans 1:32, emphasis added). According to God’s Word, it is a sin to give approval to those who practice sin. Yes, the Episcopal church is showing its apostasy …..

Archaeologists discover ‘anomaly’ beneath Giza pyramid complex
An international team of archaeologists from Japan and Egypt has discovered what they describe as an underground “anomaly” near the iconic pyramid complex of Giza in Egypt. The complex, where members of the royal family and senior officials were buried, is located about 8 km from the city of Giza on the Nile and about 25 km southwest of central Cairo.

‘Associated Press’ blasts own reporting on Hamas casualty statistics
David Adesnik, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told JNS that the scrutiny of Hamas’s false claims about its own numbers is long overdue. “It’s a pretty stunning admission,” Adesnik said. “It’s probably not going to compensate for them repeating for months after months, time after time that 70% of the victims were women and children, but I guess better late than never.”

Danish PM assaulted in Copenhagen
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was assaulted by a man in Copenhagen on Friday,  The incident occurred at the Kultorvet public square in Copenhagen, Frederiksen was in shock after the incident, police and her office said. It was unclear whether she was injured by the attacker.

IDF identifies 8 more terrorists eliminated in Nuseirat strike
The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced on Friday that, over the past day, the IDF Intelligence Directorate and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) confirmed the identities of eight additional terrorists who were eliminated in a precise strike on their base of operations in an UNRWA school in Nuseirat on Thursday morning.

Qatar threatens to kick Hamas leaders out of Doha if they reject ceasefire deal
Qatar has given Hamas leaders the ultimatum that they will be forced to leave Doha if they don’t accept the current ceasefire and hostage release deal,

UAE calls Palestinian Authority a ‘den of thieves’
UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan last month called the leadership of the Palestinian Authority “Ali Baba and the forty thieves,” speaking during a meeting of Arab countries that was attended by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. “Why would the UAE give assistance to the Palestinian Authority without real reforms?” asked Abdullah.

Tachles with Aviel – No trust in Arabs
Israelis have lost faith that they can ever live in peace with the Palestinians. October 7th has destroyed all remaining trust.

Knesset Member Ohad Tal Challenges American Jews: Whose Side Are You On?
As the 2024 U.S. presidential election approaches, Tal’s message is clear: the future of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide hangs in the balance, and the American Jewish vote will have profound consequences.

Biden: Forget ceasefire – Focus on Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine
Biden has misleadingly claimed that Israel has offered a roadmap leading to an enduring ceasefire in Gaza: Biden’s assertion that this latest ceasefire proposal has emanated from Israel – has not been confirmed by Israel – as the Times of Israel reports:

United Nations to put Israel on blacklist of countries harming children in conflict zones
The Jewish state added to list that includes terrorist groups al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram Despite Israel’s weeks-long efforts to dissuade Guterres from taking this step, Israel is expected to be included on the list to be published next week as part of a report to the UN Security Council,

Biden DOJ indicts doctor who exposed transgender child mutilation at Texas hospital
‘It’s clear that the Biden administration is using its Department of Justice to punish its political opponents. It’s the very definition of abusive power,’ the Heritage Foundation’s Jay Richards said in response to the indictment of Dr. Eithan Haim.

Popular podcast host calls out Gov. Walz for poor governance, refusal to come on show
“This state has become a bleep show since you became governor, and you’ve proven to be the worst governor in the history of the state,” said host Joe Soucheray. “we do not have to live this way” in reference to the murder of Minneapolis Police Officer Jamal Mitchell, host Joe Soucheray retorted, “here’s the problem, Governor. We are living that way.” You’ve stepped on your feet too many times to be taken seriously. I don’t know how you had the balls to even show up there and say, ‘we shouldn’t have to live this way.’ This is the way we live, Governor!”

Tornado hits Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, damaging over 20 homes
A small tornado swept through the village of Mišin Han near Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 3, 2024, leaving significant structural damage.

Severe floods hit Algeria, claiming the lives of at least 15 people 
Heavy rainfall and severe flooding affecting parts of Algeria over the past couple of days caused widespread damage and claimed the lives of at least 15 people.

Retail Bloodbath: More Than 2,600 Store Closings Have Been Announced So Far In 2024
Retail stores are being shut down at a staggering rate all over the country. If we stay on the pace that we are on, the total number of stores closed in 2024 will be nearly 40 percent higher than the total number of stores closed in 2023. That is what you call a crisis! Meanwhile, banks are shuttering hundreds of branches from coast to coast, and a “restaurant apocalypse” is sweeping across the nation.

Dutch researchers say there have been 3 million excess deaths in 47 countries during 2020-2022; this could be 35 million globally 
A bombshell study was recently published in BMJ Public Health by a group of researchers in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Analysing data from 47 Western countries, the researchers found there had been more than 3 million excess deaths since 2020, and covid vaccines may have helped fuel the rise.

Portugal Tightens Migration Policy Under New Right-Leaning Government 
Portugal’s new center-right government, led by Prime Minister Luís Montenegro of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), has announced plans to tighten immigration rules. This move follows significant gains by the country’s conservative opposition party, Chega, in recent elections, which campaigned on massively restricting migration.

Islamized Austria: School Disallows Reading From Bible Out of Fear ‘Mohammad’ Would be Angry
Teachers’ fears are justified as Muslims have warned the Western world: insult Muhammad, Islam, their holy books, or ignore Sharia law, and they will retaliate, as evidenced by incidents like the murder of Samuel Paty, job losses, and legal battles faced by educators.

Security Threat: Biden Administration Loses Track of 77,000 Afghans in America While Over a Million Unchecked Migrants Flood the Borders
As seen last week in open borders Germany, where an Afghan refugee deemed ‘well integrated’ stabbed Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger and killed a young German police officer, will the Biden administration act shocked when one of the unmonitored Afghans in America carries out a similar attack on non-Muslims here?

Mexico’s Leftist President-Elect Gathers Latin American Socialist Leaders, as Opposition Candidate Demands Recount, Another Mayor Is Killed, and the Panicked Market Melts
The Latin American leftist network of leaders is delighted by the victory of the ruling party’s candidate Claudia Sheinbaum in the ultra-violent Mexican elections that saw over 28 candidates killed during the election cycle.

The bird flu operation is looking like a repeat of the covid operation. So are the vaccines safe?
This week the World Health Organisation warned that bird flu has a “potential for high public health impact.”  This spurious claim came after a Mexican died after testing positive for bird flu.  All indications are that a potential bird flu pandemic is a wash, rinse and repeat of the falsified covid pandemic. With covid, one of the objectives was to vaccinate the world, and it seems bird flu also has this in common with covid.  The vaccines for covid were unsafe. So, are the bird flu vaccines safe?

Disabled Canadian man says he has been offered euthanasia ‘multiple times’ while in the hospital
The ‘traumatized’ 49-year-old says he is ‘being prevented from the resources that I need to live safely back at home’ and has been told he can apply for assisted suicide.

Musk’s X Appears to Permit Porn Under New Rules.
The social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, now permits porn. The social media site has updated its guidelines to permit the sharing of “consensually produced and distributed adult nudity or sexual behavior.” Under the new guidelines, this material must be labeled appropriately and cannot appear in prominent locations such as profile pictures or banners.

BOYTCOTT COMING? Walmart Introduces Gay LGBT Pride Collection
Wow. This is just another confirmation that corporate America is all about shoving their LGBT agenda down everyone’s throat. The latest retail giant that’s been activated to make the push is Walmart. They just launched a new collection of merchandise promoting gay- and lesbian-owned companies.

US Bombers Drop Live Munitions In Threat To North Korea
Two US B-1 strategic bombers dropped live munitions on the Korean Peninsula in a show of force eyeing Pyongyang. Tensions in the region have ratcheted up during the Biden administration as the president has taken a hardline approach toward the DPRK.

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